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Treasured Gemz

Social Media is targeting our young girls and they are being drawn into the unrealistic social pressures younger and younger each year.  We are now seeing a decline in their self esteem and mental health at ages as young as 6 with a rise in depression, peer pressure, and anxiety which is resulting in self-hate and bullying.

Simply Anew Me’s Treasured Gemz, offers interactive programs and workshops to help girls ages 8- 10 to understand the importance of loving who they are and how to build empowering girl communities.

Topics covered include:

  • Self Love

  • Bullying

  • Peer Pressure

  • Positive Body Image

  • Building Strong Girl Communities

And SO much more!


We R Gemz

This is the time period in their lives where our girls 11-14 become insecure of who they are in they are and where they fit in the world.  Peer pressure and social media are skewing their perceptions of reality which is resulting in an increase of bullying, negative relationships and issues surrounding body image.

Simply Anew Me’s We R Gemz Empowerment Programs and workshops help inspire and navigate these girls to see their inner beauty and the true strength that they possess.

Topics include:

  • Self Love

  • Positive Relationships

  • Peer Pressure

  • Mindfulness

And MUCH more!


A Girls destiny

Our high school aged young women are being challenged more than ever to fit into unrealistic society norms, forced to fear repercussions of having a voice and the pains of uncontrollable hormones.

A Girls Destiny workshops focus on helping our future leaders discovering the true power of themselves. Through various interactive activities, the girls begin to develop tools and strategies needed for self love and self care.

Topic covered include:

  • Self Love

  • Self Care

  • Mindfulness

  • Positive Relationships

  • Power of Yes/ Power of No

  • How to Cope


We R Gemz Girls Empowerment Summer camp

Our Girls ONLY summer empowerment camps offer a safe and fun place for girls to come and learn leadership skills, gain new friends and build a strong girl community.

Activities included:

  • Arts N Crafts

  • Cooking

  • Babysitting Course

  • First Aid

  • Self Defence

  • Fashion

And MUCH more!

Register here : https://form.jotform.com/Simplyanewme/Summer2019

Week 1 July 2-5 Monday to Friday 9am -4pm.png

All programs are able to be customized to meet the needs of school or organization