Inspiring girls to see the inner beauty that they posses and how to work with other girls to create  strong girl communities.


Gain an understanding of how important self love is and you are Amazing just as you are. LESSONS: What love is / What love is NOT, Stop negative self talk, comparing to others.

Value of Self Love

 Understanding self-worth assists in right decision making. LESSONS: Achieve balance between Material & Moral Values. ie: if you have more ‘stuff’, are you happier? Why? Why not?

Who Are You?

Identify yourself! Beyond friends, family and your “perfect” social media perception. LESSONS: Identify Ego, Online Perception: (why do you share what you do online?) If You Really Knew Me: (group work that digs deep into the fears we all share.).

Under Pressure 

Role playing and discussions of real life situations. Prepare and empower yourself while tapping into your authentic self. LESSONS: Dating Pressures, Family Pressures, School Pressures

Toxic Me

Release self-hate and learn strategies to manage emotions and not rely on them. Use affirmations to shift thoughts about yourself. LESSONS: Coping Skills, Release Cycle of Shame, Accountability Skills and Self-Praise

Power of NO

Strengthen the ability to use the word No. The power of no will help realize your inner power. LESSONS: Group Work & Role Playing


Develop strategies to cope with life’s crazy changes. Meet guests that share stories and strategies used to cope and win in life! LESSONS: Mentoring Workshop, Open Q&A

  Takeaways: Girls leave with a feeling of  EMPOWERMENT, community, self- esteem, self love and the strength of a DIAMOND.