Changing Lives!


Toxic Relationships


Identify the signs of a toxic relationship and learn how to free yourself of it!


Investigate the patterns surrounding key relationships (romantic and not). Grasp the Law of Attraction and develop accountability and tools for keeping healthy relationships in your life.

Moving Beyond The Pain

Stop ignoring and start to recognize the signs of pain. Journaling, Mantras, Affirmations and group work help us get to the root of what’s going on.

Power of Yes

Learn to say YES to opportunities, and release fear-based thoughts while letting go, setting boundaries and living the live YOU want. 

How To Stop The Pain

A series of activities that focus inward versus on hurt, loss, regret, guilt, shame and anger. Develop tools master your emotions (instead of reaching for food, or another man!)

Being Vulnerable

  Accept the strength that vulnerability brings.    Allowing feelings to come naturally and learn  to deal with the accompanying emotions.  Group sessions include; being O.K with being  scared. Getting “naked”, on the other side of  fear, embracing freedom once you decide to let your spirit shine.